Emotional Intelligence For Teens (2 day)

Teens face challenges as they transition into adulthood including drugs, relationship issues, peer pressure and decision-making. At this stage they are discovering who they are and there is not a lot of interventions to assist them. Few teens and youth intervention workers understand Emotional Intelligence and how it can be useful for a teen’s success in life. This two day training course will inform, engage and challenge teens to understand their emotions and how they impact on their behaviour. In this course youth will learn how to:

emotional intelligence for teens2• Understand themselves
• Set Goals
• Be adaptable and flexible
• Manage stress and general mood
• Problem Solve
• Create Focus

The course will also lead to:
• Enhanced motivation and study skills
• Higher academic scores in core 
content areas
• Decreased hyperactivity in the 
• Decreased anxiety and depression
• Increased empathy, social competence, 
and leadership skills
• Reductions in student referrals
for inappropriate behavior, school suspensions, aggression and bullying
• Enhanced classroom climate, including greater respect between teachers
and students, more positive relationships  among students


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