Emotional Intelligence for Women Leaders

women in leadershipThe Human Online Magazine reported that according to research conducted by researchers at the University of Columbia’s Sander School of Business, “Women gain worse reputation than men after work conflict, and that is because they rarely fix them’’ Conflict is a by-product of emotions. Conflict can result in loss of business, work or challenging and unproductive relationships. This course will assist women leaders to:

• Have a stronger focus on self-awareness and manage emotions productively
• Free them of shackles of their past, to realize their full potential and value.
• Awaken the greater leader in them by maximizing their strengths and manage weakness.
• Foster women’s leadership edge
• Function successfully in their many roles without feeling they have compromised or sacrificed any of them (wife, motherhood, leader etc.)
• Define or refine their life vision
• Achieve success-the DTI reported that woman owned businesses have an alarming high rate of failure in South  Africa.


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