EQ Recruit

What is emotional intelligence and how can understanding emotional intelligence help me in my recruitment process. How to use emotional intelligence to connect with the top talent?
eq recruit2This one day thorough workshop is hands-on and covers how to conduct emotional Intelligence Behavioural Interview. It will help participants to understand the power of emotional intelligence in recruiting or hiring. New employees can create one or the other of the following: resonance or dissonance. Attend this course and utilise skills that you learn to assess EQ requirements for any job and EQ capabilities and skills for any candidate.

Since emotional intelligence can be measured and research has shown that EQ is a powerful predictor of employee performance, the snapshot of emotional and social competencies can aid in pointing you to the right hires.
This will, in turn, lead to the selection of emotionally intelligent, emotionally healthy and the most-likely successful employees.

Join us as we show you how emotional intelligence can be used as part of a sound recruiting process, leading to higher retention rates and reduced turnover. Our speakers will show you how the recruitment and selection process can be more reliable and efficient, resulting in significant cost savings, improved employee effectiveness and increased morale for your organisation.


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