Leadership and Culture Change

Leadership Development Programme: Leaders with Impact

(Unit Standard Aligned)

Take the 10-day transformational leadership journey. It is an intensive programme for people who are ready to be leaders.This course will stretch the way you have never been stretched before,provoked challenged and tested to gain greater insight on how you lead,why you lead.Leadership is influence with our leaders with impact team.On completion of this programme,you will have:

• Knowledge of your personality or relating style,insights into motivating values,relating styles and how to improve communication and manage interpersonal conflict between supervisors and direct reports.

• Identify you leadership reports

leadership culture and change.jpg2• Understand how to function as a leader

• Gain insight into leader-coach approach

• Explore visible felt and transformational leadership

• Overcome challenges for change Learn techniques for intrinsic motivation.

Module 1-Leading Yourself

(Aligned to 264398: Evaluate and plan the role of self as leader in a function, Level 6, 5 credits)

Personal Leadership Objectives

• To raise delegate's personal awareness of who they are

• To look at individual leadership strengths

To have a practical understanding of how delegates function as leaders

• Transactional vs transformational leadership

This module of the leadership experience is all about understanding your authentic self and the "you" you present to the world; where they sit together well, and where they don't. During this module, we'll challenge you to live your authentic self... you can always go back, but today is about having the courage to be fully who you know yourself to be.

Module 2- Leading As a Coach

( Aligned to 113909 : Coach a team member in order to enhance individual performance in work environment, Level 3, 5 credits)-

Leadership Coaching Objectives

• To give delegates an understanding of a leader-coach approach

• To provide an understanding of the need for coaching skills in leadership roles * To provide a grounding in leadership coaching skills

* To understand the potential of leadership coaching

The second module of the leadership experience is all about giving delegates coaching tools to connect with the authentic selves of those they choose to lead.

When two authentic selves speak to each other, the result can be powerful.

Module 3 - Leading Through Change

leadership culture and change(Aligned to 252020: Create and Manage and Environment that promotes

creativity and innovation, Level 5, 6 credits

Change Leadership Objectives

• To explore the challenges for change and how to overcome them

• To provide practical tools and techniques to use at different stages of the change process

The third module of the leadership experience takes delegates through the process of identifying and leading changes to a current project.

Module 4- Leading Through Influence

(Aligned to120389: Explain and apply the concept, principles and theories of motivation in a leadership context; Level 4, 6 credits)

Inspirational Leadership Objectives

• To raise delegates’ awareness that Leadership is Influence

• To raise delegate's awareness of how inspiration works

• To offer tools for inspired communication

To give delegates an experience of speaking with passion for a directive they find uninspiring

The fourth module of the leadership experience looks at the nature of inspiration and how delegates can inspire when they might not be 100% behind the message or concept they're called to lead upon.

Module 5 - Leading with Courage

(Aligned to 252026: Apply systems approach to Decision Making, Level 5, 6 credits)-

Courageous Leadership Objectives

• Apply critical thinking skills to decision making.

In an interactive experience, the fifth day of the leadership experience offers delegates a chance to stretch and challenge themselves as leaders using the tools and insights of the past four days.

Our Approach:

leadership102∗ John Maxwell Leadership Book

∗ A SDI assessment as pre-work, EQ Assessments

∗ Portrait of Personal Strength

∗ Portrait of Overdone Strength

∗ Inspirational content

∗ Participative methods

∗ Experiential scenarios

∗ Role-play based applications

∗ Post-programme action learning project/personal development plan


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