Personal Mastery

personal mastery2This is a three-step approach to self-discovery, and life mastery. The course will heighten your self-awareness as you explore your values, deep-seated judgments, beliefs and emotions and how they impact on your life.

Step1- Personal Mastery Workshops-(2 days)

Using highly effective “Self Discovery Techniques”

You will be empowered to tap into and harness the unlimited potential of your “true self”. This will enable you to create the life the life you want to experience and:

  • Create loving relationships
  • Live on purpose and passion in your life.
  • Accomplish your goals with less stress and effort
  • Be healthy, have more energy and well-being
  • Master creation of wealth and financial abundance and freedom
  • Enjoy more focus and peace of mind

Step2:Personal Mastery Advanced Workshop (2day)

The advanced course will increase your ability to operate at the higher self.

personal mastery1On completion of this course you increase:

  • The ability to stay present and aware
  • The ability to release any form of resistance
  • Ability to ones life by conscious choice
  • Ability to get into your flow state for peak performance.
  • Master tool for cleaning negative emotions or pain-the EFT Sedona methods
  • Learn the power of intension
  • Release limitations

Step3 Personal Discovery RelationshipMastery Course- 2 day

Discover how to have an aware conversation as a couple or as parents. This course requires that you have done Personal Mastery Courses. The 2-day course will assist you to:

  • Identify false beliefs about relationships and guide you at the relationship dramas.
  • Change destructive patterns in your relationships.
  • Master the art of communication to get your emotional needs met


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