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Training B2B On Strategy

Business Strategy

As a fully empowered South African skills development company, Training B2B’s strategy is to capitalise on growth opportunities domestically and internationally. Training B2B’s longer-term strategy is to leverage the advantage of its skills base to create a unique training that is recognised across Africa. The ability to produce a full range of training products and high level of intellectual knowledge lends itself to developing strategic opportunities.


Training B2B is positioned for growth. As South Africa’s wholly Black Female owned firm, its ability to grow domestically is significantly enhanced, while the existing operational interests in the African region provide a base for growth in international markets.The strong demand for training solutions is driven primarily by the continued need to remain competitive in the global arena hence need to have a skilled workforce that delivers on the business mandates.

As also businesses expand into Africa, there is need to create a pool of international assignees with a unique set of skills that delivers on the organisational strategic goals. The diverse training portfolios which consist of training needs analysis, job profiling, in-house and public training will remain key to skills development and enhancement and Training B2B seeks to be that business partner for skills development.


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